String Camp

Kinder lernen die ersten Grundlagen auf der Geige.

Introductory Course for Beginners

Children from the age of 8 who are not yet playing a stringed instrument or have just started are just right in our introductory course!

Here everybody learns the first basics of violin, viola, cello or double bass and plays together from the first note. A rental instrument can be provided.

Schülerinnen und Schüler der Projekte Klassenmusizieren mit Streichinstrumenten sammeln erste Erfahrungen im Ensemble.

Elemental Orchestra

Pupils of the projects “Class music with string instruments” play here after the first year of lessons, as do all young string players who have at least mastered the first register and have no experience in ensemble music.

Fortgeschrittene Schüler wärend der Probe.

Rocking Strings Orchestra

This is the middle ensemble of the string camp. It stands between the beginners in the elementary orchestra and the advanced in the chamber orchestra or Rockestra.

The target group are students who have completed at least two years in a string class or lower level according to VdM. The varied musical program of this ensemble offers pieces from the field of film music & rock pop music, but also classical arrangements.

Streichinstrument und Rockmusik. Probe des Orchesters unter der Leitung von Jon Diven.


Since 2007 we rock the camp! Jon Diven and Frauke Preisler already had the idea 2 years before to show the kids that a string instrument is not only suitable for classical music. Both teachers love and play classical music, but there is more. A similar taste in music (Classic Rock) quickly brought them onto the scene. Led Zepplin, Metallica and Queen were on the program for the first year. Later she added Pearl Jam, Guns’n’Roses, Foreigner, Meat Loaf and other rock greats. The arrangements are written by Jon Diven himself, because perfectly fitting, good material is seldom available.

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A big string orchestra with drums, occasionally extended by electric guitar, electric bass and piano with young people between 14 and 20 years now rocks – mostly without conductor – at concerts, just like a real band. In many rehearsals the pieces are not only worked on technically. Headbanging (or at least moving the body) is as much part of the program as an analysis of the songs (am I playing the vocal line, am I replacing the background choir or am I a rhythm guitar?). A little rock history should not be missing!
Chellos während der Pause. Im Kammerorchester werden anspruchsvolle Stücke gespielt.

Chamber Orchestras

Participants: Advanced strings (intermediate upper level according to VdM), string quartets can also participate. We play demanding works from the “classical” field: baroque, classical, modern.

Kammermusik Ensemble während der Probe.

Chamber Music

The musicians of the chamber orchestra form chamber music ensembles on a voluntary basis. Existing string trios or string quartets register together.