Percussion Camp

Drums und Percussion Workshop unter der Leitung von Günter Bozem.

Drums und Percussion Workshop

Target group:

The workshop is aimed at all age groups. Anyone can participate no matter what level of play, because everyone is picked up where it stands in terms of playing technique.


Coaching is for:

Sidereading (being able to read notes from a sheet of paper as far as possible and different writing styles and ways of representing drum and percussion notes)

  • Repertoire work (learning pieces, recognizing form parts, playing from memory)
  • Ensemble work (composing percussion and percussion ensemble pieces, possibly noting and rehearsing)
  • stylistics (analysing different musical styles and recognising and implementing differences in articulation, phrasing and interpretation)
  • Analysis of titles (analysing and listening to drum and percussion voices from recordings). (Various memo and notation methods)

Preparations for the various music ensembles (rehearsing the titles that will be rehearsed)